Top 10 Wedding Registry Must Haves

Top 10 Wedding Registry Must Haves – After the wedding celebration is over, it means a couple must face the real life of marriage. You should not think about it too deeply just take a look around, what are the wedding registry ideas you still don’t have? Well, if you are lucky, you may have found them from the wedding guests’ gifts. So, rather than thinking about cool bicycles, luxurious sofa, and more, there are at least these 10 items you must have at first.

Multifunctional Pan

There are some kinds of pan included in a pack of kitchenware. They are likely the frying pan, stir-fry pan, sauce pan, and sauté pan. It is not bad if you buy those three separately. In fact, if each pan has its own function, the item tends to be more durable. However, if you find it less practical, why don’t you buy a pan for those three functions at once? It is commonly called as the multifunctional pan. Of course, you need to spend more budgets for this. Besides, there is possibility that the pan may be less durable than the separated ones. But for a new married couple, this wedding registry idea is actually enough as the pan is indeed manufactured for the beginners in term of cooking.

Roasting Pan

Unfortunately, roasting pan is not commonly included in the multifunctional pan. So, you don’t have no choice except buying this must-haves wedding registry separately. Maybe, roasting activities are not done too often. However, there must be times or events when you need it so much. So, if you have spare money after buying the two registry items above, roasting pan must be on your shopping list.

Multifunctional Cooker

Aside from the multifunctional pan, there is also its close friend, a multifunctional cooker. Traditionally, there are some kinds of cookers for different functions also like to cook rice, to steam, to boil, and others. Interestingly, all of them can be unified into one under the idea of multifunctional cooker. You can even cook anything there. Aside what have been mentioned above, some brands also offer other abilities like to make soup and yoghurt. The way to use it is very easy since there are some buttons along with the indicators to help you. The temperature can be set up and even it can automatically stop cooking when the ingredients are already cooked.


For career couples who busy every day, this one is really important. Yes, how can you prepare breakfast faster without any toaster? Besides, today’s toaster is also modified for not to make toasts only. You can also make any other meals like heating burger and cereals there. Every series from every brand is also designed in more beautiful and sophisticated way. Yes, just make your kitchen look more stunning with such a toaster.


If you are a coffee lover, this wedding registry item should not be missed out. There is nothing more heavenly besides enjoying a cup coffee in the morning to refresh our minds. If you want your money more effective, choose an item that is more multifunctional. Yes, it should not only use to brew he coffee but also tea and other beverages.

Food Processor

Again, it is especially for you who rarely cook when still being single. Maybe, activities like chopping, slicing, shredding, pulverizing, and others are quite difficult for you. As the beginner, this one is necessary to have. Yes, it is the food processor. Cooking is much faster and easier with it as you can also process food ingredients in a large amount. Do you want to make something usually only found in the fast foods? Just do it with this item to process meat, vegetables, spices, and more. Now, surprise your loved one with your own tasty meals every day.


This must have wedding registry basically has almost the same function with food processor particularly in term of pulverizing or smoothing the ingredients. The plus point is that you can make some more meals including the cold beverages like smoothies, soups, and others. Be sure to choose the powerful one to enable it to blend anything even the hard ingredients like the ice blocks. Well, juicer should be an item listed here actually. But if it is not really in rush, blender is actually a good alternative for a juicer. Yes, after the fruits are blended, just use strainer to separate water and the sludge juice.

Knife Set

Okay, you already have a food processor in this list. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t need any knife at all. There are some kitchen activities that can only be done using knife. When slicing and chopping are done by using food processor, the knife is functioned to peel off the fruits and other ingredients like cucumber. Besides, while separating the meat from the bone, knife is much simpler and more effective. Many other activities inside and outside kitchen can be finished properly using knife. So, knife set must be one of the wedding registry items you should not miss out.


Now, let’s get out from your kitchen. There is another important item you need to have as a new wedding couple. What is it? Of course, it is the iron. Even both of you don’t really care about each other’s looks and appearance; consider when you are being outside. Sure, it is needed to look neat and elegant particularly when in the office or attending events like party.

Vacuum Cleaner

Since the beginning you are in a new house, this one should be there. It is clear why you must buy or have a set of vacuum cleaner. You know, the dust and dirt are anywhere and they need to be cleaned as often as possible. More than that, it is if you have pets like cats and dogs. It is also recommended to buy a kind of multifunction vacuum cleaner that is able to clean up whether dry, wet, big, and micro-particle dirt. Therefore, although it is quite expensive, vacuum cleaner is undeniably a wedding registry must have.

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